Groupe Jambo launched its agriculture division in 2014 with the purchase of approximately 7,903 hectares of land outside of Lubumbashi. Groupe Jambo’s agriculture venture, Ferme Jambo, is built upon the company’s project management expertise over the course of a decade.

Our goal is to help DR Congo achieve food self-sufficiency by developing Ferme Jambo’s 7,903 hectares.


Groupe Jambo is committed to making Lubumbashi the “bread basket” of DR Congo, thereby supporting the government’s food security strategy. In this endeavor, Groupe Jambo has started land clearing and development activities at Ferme Jambo in the early part of 2015. As of 2017, Ferme Jambo has successfully harvested 6000 tons of maize across 820 hectares. Groupe Jambo plans to bring all 7903 hectares of Ferme Jambo under cultivation in the next five years.

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