Groupe Jambo | Vision

Our flagship store, Jambo Mart, is a sprawling six-floor hypermarket providing the residents of Katanga global products and goods at affordable prices, all under one roof.

Groupe Jambo is committed to giving consumers across the DRC more choices at better prices. Our hypermarkets fulfill every domestic need under one roof, and we are constantly working to expand our product range and offer better value to ensure customer satisfaction.

Alongside our retail operation, Groupe Jambo is active in the logistics, construction, and wholesale markets in the Katanga Province. We aspire to be a catalyst for change in the region, implementing unique solutions and industry best practices to create lasting benefits for the DRC.


Jambo Mart

Groupe Jambo can be credited with introducing the one-stop shop concept to DR Congo with the opening of Jambo Mart in 2009, a 8,000 square meter hypermarket designed to meet the all the needs of the savvy shopper under one roof. Jambo Mart is now a household name and is renowned for its unrivalled breadth of products, spanning groceries to furniture – and everything in between.


Ferme Jambo SARL

Groupe Jambo launched its agriculture division in 2014 with the purchase of approximately 7,903 hectares of land outside of Lubumbashi. Groupe Jambo’s agriculture venture, Ferme Jambo, is built upon the company’s project management expertise over the course of a decade.

Groupe Jambo’s goal is to help DR Congo achieve food self-sufficiency by developing Ferme Jambo’s 7,903 hectares.


Africa Immobiliere SARL

Groupe Jambo’s launched its real estate development and construction division in 2014 under the name Afrimmo.

Afrimmo is the market leader in producing quality projects in Lubumbashi. Afrimmo’s goal is to redefine the urban landscape of DR Congo by delivering world-class engineering and construction projects


Groupe Jambo SARL

The logistics division of Groupe Jambo was started in 2005 to facilitate the importation of our products for our malls and retail business. Eight years later, not only do we service our own needs, but also support the transport needs of numerous mining companies within Katanga.